Training Materials

Here you will find training materials specializing in topics related to adolescent health and well-being. If you would like to add a resource to the Collective Resource Hub, or be added to our partner directory, please click here.

Name of Resource Type of Resource Focus Area Link
Helping Prevent Anxiety in Children and Students Website Visit Website Visit Website
Youth E-Cigarette Use Powerpoint Download Download
Youth Access to E-Cigarettes Powerpoint Download Download
The Power of Healing through Storytelling PDF Download Download
Must Stop Bullying Powerpoint Download Download
Guidelines for Personal Sharing PDF Download Download
Beyond Abstinence and Risk Powerpoint Download Download
Approaching Sensitive Subjects Powerpoint Download Download
Adolescent Health- State of the State Powerpoint Download Download
Unlocking the Nuances of Language in Youth Victim Advocacy Website Visit Website Visit Website
Root Cause Prevention- Teen Dating Violence Training Website Visit Website Visit Website
Trusted Adult Ally Training Website Visit Website Visit Website
ME! Lessons for Teaching Self-Awareness & Self-Advocacy PDF Download Download
University of Michigan Adolescent Health Initiative’s Spark Trainings Website Visit Website Visit Website
Encouraging Family Participation in Adolescent Decision Making Training Guide PDF Download Download
Putting it to Practice: Sex-Positive Approaches for Adolescents of Color PowerPoint Presentation/PDF Download Download
Transforming Research into Action to Improve Lives of Students PowerPoint Presentation/PDF Download Download
Using Qualitative & Participatory Methods with Adolescents PowerPoint Presentation/PDF Download Download
Creating Safe and Welcoming Spaces for LGBTQ Youth PowerPoint Presentation/PDF Download Download
Eating Disorders: Practical Tips for Recognition Through Management PowerPoint Presentation/PDF Download Download
Beyond The Basics: Updates and Trends in Adolescent Reproductive Health PowerPoint Presentation/PDF Download Download