Group Facilitation/Facilitation Processes

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Ms. Marisha Dixon, M.A. Educational Leadership Feel, Write & Heal is an interactive mindfulness and expressive writing experience that employs both Focused Attention and Open Monitoring meditation approaches to help participants understand the benefits of various mindfulness styles and how to incorporate mindfulness and expressive writing into their self-care routines as a means to improve how they relate to others, promote creativity, focus, mental well-being, compassion, active listening, flexible thinking, and a better ability to cope with depression, anxiety and stress – or situations that tend to lead to these unhealthy outcomes. BE MNDFL (like Be Mindful) is multi-sensory experience helps participants reduce stress naturally, focus on their mind and bodily sensations in the moment and offers practitioners several, simple "SOULutions" to add to their self-care routines at any time. Cost of the experience(s) varies by training type (one-time workshop, 8-week program, etc.), length of sessions, location/travel expenses and group size. A proposal with fees will be provided following receipt of workshop request and completed inquiry call. Visit Website Visit Website